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Our wedding Photography is all about having the best photos and the most affordable price in Cyprus.
There will be two professional photographers for your wedding. We believe no “one” photographer can possibly capture all your wedding moments from one position and have all the work pressure. So, we have two photographers with two different photography styles, lenses and standing positions to share the working pressure and achieve the best photography. We offer you one portrait photographer for shooting portraits and close-up shots and one photographer to photograph the group portraits and wide-angle shots. The result is of this combination is the best wedding photos that can be achieved.
You can view your beautiful photos just 2 days after the wedding. With correct time-management and organized work-procedures we provide you the fastest result possible while having the constant excellent quality of work.
You receive your high-resolution original wedding photos on a DVD at no extra cost. Plus, we will edit all the wedding photos to be ready for printing in any Photoshop. You will have all the wedding photos on DVDs in JPEG format plus free two copies of them. Also you will have a DVD with all your wedding photos in smaller size for easier use on the web and emails.
Let’s get started!

This is all about the photos of the bride and the groom getting ready for their big day.
Whether you have the Cypriot traditions or just the family and friends for preparing for your wedding day, those moments are one of the greatest.

This option includes the bride’s house and the groom’s house.

Approximately 200-400 photos
The Rings & the Bells!

The breathtaking moments of getting married surrounded by your family and friends are one of the most precious memories you can have. We make sure not only will you not miss a moment but also photographing it all in the most beautiful way.

This option can be used for weddings in municipalities.

Approximately 400-700 photos
It’s party time!

The great moments of celebrating the wedding day with you family and friends are truly worth having them in your albums or in the frames on the wall.

This option includes the wedding Reception and the wedding party afterwards.

Approximately 400-700 photos
Our location photography for weddings is one of our best options you can have.
All you have to do is just to choose a place in Cyprus.
The results are beautiful and memorable photos of you and your wedding story.

You can arrange any day after the wedding which is convenient for you to do the location photography.

Approximately 200-400 photos
20 Pages (10 Sheets)
-- Soon
40 Pages (20 Sheets)
269 Euros
60 Pages (30 Sheets)
327 Euros
* 20cm x 20cm
40 Pages (20 Sheets)
-- Soon
60 Pages (30 Sheets)
-- Soon
80 Pages (40 Sheets)
-- Soon
* 20cm x 30cm
60 Pages (30 Sheets)
514 Euros
80 Pages (40 Sheets)
643 Euros
100 Pages (50 Sheets)
760 Euros
* 30cm x 30cm
One Small (40 or 60 Pages) + One Big (Any pages)
3% Off
Two Smalls (40 or 60 Pages) + One Big (Any pages)
5% Off
One Medium (Any pages) + One Big (Any pages)
7% Off
Two Mediums (Any pages) + 1 Big one (Any pages)
10% Off
Two Bigs (Any pages)
15% Off
We reserve and book your date once you have paid the deposit. Please read How it works for more information.
The deposit is not refundable in any event or condition.
After you made the deposit for your package, you cannot remove options from your package and we cannot deduct or refund the amount of the package.
Although we keep a copy of your photos, but we do not guarantee to have it for all the time, you must take a good care of your DVDs of photos.
Any extra copy of you DVDs of photos will be charged for 15 Euros. (Includes printed DVDs and printed hard cover).
Our service will be ended on 12:00 AM. If your party is going to be longer, there will be an extra charge of 100 Euros per hour, and only until 2:00 AM.
We will not share or publish your photos in anyways without your permission and knowledge. So you can feel relax about your privacy with us.
All Prices include VAT.
Check the Date & Arrange a meeting
Please first give us a call to check if your wedding date is available for us and it is not already booked.
Please note that we do not make double weddings like most photographers do. This is a very bad and not professional service that some photographers have. You see their work and they send other photographers to your wedding. We always have maximum one wedding in any day, since we want to photograph your wedding ourselves and we will not send other photographers to your wedding.

If your date is available, we will arrange a meeting with you to come and discuss your wedding needs and we can answer any questions you might have. Plus you will view our photos, albums and etc.
Booking your date
After the meeting we will review your package and wedding needs and inform you if you can book the date (Maximum 7 days).
To book your date, you will need to pay a deposit ( 25 to 30 percent depending on the total amount). You will have a receipt for your payment and we will reserve the date for you. Please note that we will not keep any date for any customer unless they have booked the date and paid the deposit.

Any customer who makes the booking first will have the date reserved.
We are neither responsible in case you have delayed the booking and your date is booked with other customer, nor we can inform you about that.
We reserve the right to reject booking request based on the wedding needs, Chosen package and its date.
Couple of days before the wedding
We will contact you to confirm everything with you and to arrange the times and address of locations.
On the wedding date
We are always there on time, and we are very sensitive about timing. So don't worry about that.
On your wedding date, just try to be relaxed and enjoy your wedding. we are there, we know our job, so you can be relax.
Unlike other photographers, we will not bother you with warning and asking you for different things like where to stay and what things to do and etc. We know to handle any situations and make perfect photos.
Location Photography
If you have this option, you can pick a date after the wedding and a location to do the location photography. Please keep in mind the weather conditions not to affect your shooting.
Two days after the wedding
Just in 2 days after the wedding your photos are ready!
You will have 3 copies of DVDs of your photos, all edited and applied appropriate corrections in maximum quality and size.
When we deliver the DVDs, you will pay the remaining of the total amount of the wedding and receive your receipt of payment.
In case that you have albums or prints, you will pay the total amount minus 20 to 100 Euros (depending on price of the album or prints). You will pay the remaining at the time you receive the album or prints.
Prints & Albums
After receiving your photos, you can choose the photos for the album and for the prints.
All photos have numbers, you pass the numbers to us and we will proceed with prints or albums.
After designing your album, we will send all the pages to you by email, so you can make necessary changes or just confirm it.
After your confirmation, we will proceed to make your album. It can take about 3-5 weeks for the book to be ready based on the load of work we have.
Usually the albums will be ready much faster, but we need the 2 weeks for total drying time. Plus we make a quality check, and if something is wrong we will make it all over again. That is why we ask for 3 to 5 weeks.
When receiving your prints or albums, you will settle the remaining amount.
If you have an album you will receive also a DVD of album as a slideshow, which can be watched as a video.

That's All.
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