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The most memorable moment you can create and share with your partner.

1 portrait shot

1 full-body shot

Approximately 10-30 photos

Approximately 1-1.5 hour

Receiving 5 photos


2 portrait shots

2 full-body shots

Approximately 30-50 photos

Approximately 2-2.5 hours

Receiving 10 photos

1 print 20x30

3 portrait shots

3 full-body shots

Approximately 40-70 photos

Approximately 3-3.5 hours

Receiving 15 photos

2 prints 20x30 OR 1 print 40x60
One Makeup
30 Euros
Two Makeups
50 Euros
Three Makeups
70 Euros
* Extreme makeups might be charged more.
One Hair Styling
20 Euros
Two Hair Stylings
35 Euros
Three Hair Stylings
50 Euros
* Extreme styles might be charged more.
One Styling
30 Euros
Two Stylings
50 Euros
Three Stylings
65 Euros
* Fashion styling for clothing and accessories.
5 Euros
9 Euros
18 Euros
25 Euros
35 Euros
60 Euros
* Sizes are in CM.
All the packages are for only two persons.
The whole photoshoot will be in our studio.
For every additional chosen photo there will be a charge of 5 Euros (will be retouched and worked).
We will not share or publish your photos in anyways without your permission and knowledge. So you can feel relax about your privacy with us.
All prices include VAT.
Start by choosing a package, optionally you can add extra option like The Makeup, The Hair and The Clothes. After deciding on package and extras, Just give us a call to arrange a date and time for booking your photoshoot. (You can choose Saturdays or Sundays too!).
After Booking
You can search and find some photos which interest you and you like them for your shooting, however we can help you with that on the time of photoshoot. But if you have something exactly in your mind it’s better to send us your photos by email so we can see them or just bring them with you on the time of the photoshoot.

If you have option The Clothes, you will speak with our stylist to explain about the clothes you need and to give the measurements and other details.
A Day Before Shooting
We will call you to remind and confirm for your shooting.
The Shooting Date
We will discuss and choose the photography style, makeup, hair and styling. If you have brought some photos we can see and review them.

We start by The Makeup, if you have chosen this option, then the hair and after the clothes and styling. All these will happen in our studio. We have a place for the makeup and to change your clothes so you don’t need to worry for these.

We will start the photoshoot and take beautiful pictures of you
If you feel tried we will take a break and start after a coffee.

If you have more than one makeup or clothes styling you can change and rest and continue with the new shot.

After the photography and photoshoot is over, we will pass the taken photos, you can see them and choose the ones you would like to have (to be retouched and edited) while having your coffee.

After finishing with choosing your photos, you pay the charges for your photoshoot.
After the photoshoot (2-5 days)
We will work on the photos you have chosen, the bigger the package the more time it will need (Maximum of 5 working days). When your photos are ready, we will contact you and send them to you either by email or just come by to receive your DVD with your photos or prints. We can also send your DVD and prints with courier service but we will not cover the charges.
Portrait & Full body shot
Every shot means a different style of a photo (different lighting, clothes or makeup). We will photograph every shot many times from different angles and setups. So if you have two portrait shots, it means there will be two completely different portraits shots, each has several photos which you can choose from depending on your package.

A full body shot means a photographing the full body of the person. A portrait shot it's a bit more close-up, from half body to face close up. In every package, there are minimum one portrait & one full body shots. You are free to exchange one to another; meaning that you can have a full body shot instead of your portrait shot.
Photos taken & Photos chosen
We will take many photos of every shot. If you have a package with 2 shots (The Cute One) we will take around 10-30 photos. These photos are raw photos with no editing or retouching.

At the end of the shooting, you will choose the photos you like from the taken photos. How Many? that depends on your package receiving photos. However, you are free to choose more photos by paying an extra charge for each photo. These photos will be edited and retouched and will be the final photos you will receive in maximum quality and size.
The Clothes & Styling
The Clothes and styling are optional for every package. This option can provide you with clothes for your photoshoot, styling for your own clothes and accessories. You can tell the stylist about the style of the clothes and accessories you would like to use for your photoshoot.

This option can be very useful, in case you are confused with which clothes to wear and how match them. Plus if you are missing some pieces the stylist can provide you. But don’t forget that stylist can also bring you the whole set of the clothes and accessories of your choice.
Feel free to contact Us !
We would be glad to help you and answer your questions. So just give us a call, send us an email or send Message on our facebook page.
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