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The tastiest photos for foods and beverages. So delicious even to naked eyes.
Photography Shots & Plates
The first thing you need is to count how many items (Plates, Drinks or etc.) you need to be photographed. We call this a shot.
We will charge you based on how many shots you need.
We will photograph every shot (Plate, Drink or etc.) many times with different styles and angles. Close-up photos, Wide-angle photos and on plain background.
Therefore, you will receive the photos with a variety of images for every plate or drink to use for different purposes. For your website, on the menu or advertising needs.
Our Work & Customers
Many years of experience and working with many companies makes us the best option for your food photography needs.
Among our notable customers are TimeOut magazine, SushiLa, T.G.I Fridays, Pagoda (Nicosia), Times (Larnaca) and many others.
All our customers were extremely happy with our service and reported that they had great responses from their customers.
More photography needs & services
If you need a shot for a set of plates or drinks all together (Mixed), this is counted as just a normal shot.
For interior or exterior photography of your place, you can find more info in Here.
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